November 13, 2010

something just started

Hello eveyone!

They are lovely fabrics, don't you think?
I wasn't sure what to do when I first pulled it out of the drawer 

then I decided to make a pinwheel quilt
the progress....

....albeit slow

here is how it looks like for now
a quilt is nice
but still wasn't sure and i might just end up making pillow cases
 i know, i know you probably thought..............i am a big fat lazy, but to be honest yes i am -__-

so that's the thing i finished..hoorayy!!!

Thank you for stopping by again
Wishing you a fabulous Sunday;))


MyBotanG said...

I'm going to cry... this is soo beautiful.. Cushion cover or Quilt, I am sure it will turn out superbly.. *quietly praying that you'd change your mind and turn these lovelies into quilt instead.. amiinn* :D

Cottonlicious said...

I'm just experimenting to see what makes me happy as I go, yet so indecisive..forgive me (-_')

MamaDaniel said...

quilt la.. buat quilt la.. please...
ngeee... :D

Cottonlicious said...

@mama daniel
thanks for your support -__-

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